“Claire – Erica – Cleo” by Yorgos Ntovas

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“Claire – Erica – Cleo” by Yorgos Ntovas

Excerpt from Chapter 1. Monday – Claire

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…“It all began yesterday morning when I met Dimitris, an old colleague from the company I got framed as I told you before. I didn’t have dealings with him in general, although he was one of the few in the company who stood up for me and helped me. He told me he was looking for me since Christmas but since I had changed my number, he couldn’t reach me. He invited me to his house and made me an offer regarding his cousin. The story as he spun it was that his cousin has lost her mother at a very young age and she was raised by his uncle. Four years ago, his uncle got severely ill and asked him to take care of her. When he died, two years ago, he took over her care and protection. He gave me the impression that he cares a lot about her. Sometimes he acts as if he is in love with her. There are many unclear points and he refused to clarify them. He assured me that he will let me know as soon as I become a member of their family.”

“Tell me something. Do you trust this guy? Do you think that everything he told you was true?”

“I didn’t know him well back then, so I can’t be sure. I feel that he really cares about Erica but I can’t help thinking he is hiding a lot. Another thing is, that when I looked at her photos, I felt something. I can’t define what exactly, but I’m fond of her and I would like to help her. It’s strange, I’ve only seen her once, many years ago, I vaguely remember her.”

“What are your questions about the whole matter? I think we should analyze it as best as we can and try to get some answers. If that is possible, of course, bearing in mind that we have close to no data.”

“I’m afraid that Dimitris plays a different part in the story. He hasn’t dealt with his uncle and cousin for eighteen years. Suddenly his uncle requests his help. He asks him to leave his job and give up everything. He grants him a million euros worth house and by the way he lives next to you. He ensures him with a very generous income, multiple times his previous one and the only thing he has to do is taking care of some of his cases and his cousin. What kind of cases are these? He also avoided telling me if his uncle owned any enterprises. It is one of the things I’ll find out when I’ll become a member of the family. Finally, he avoided telling me if Erica is the sole heiress of his uncle’s fortune, as well as if she manages the family property after her father’s death. Many questions, indeed…

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Yorgos Ntovas

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