Yorgos Books in English

Claire, Erica and Cleo

The English edition of the best-selling Greek first book of the trilogy Claire, Erica and Cleo by Yorgos Ntovas
Boldly, deeply erotic and especially enjoyable.
Claire, a stunning psychiatrist, Erica, an inexperienced girl and Cleo, a mysterious being in a game of power, love and claim of an immense fortune.
All together on a luxurious yacht in a cosmopolitan island.
What will the result be?

A Rainy Afternoon and Many Sunny Days

The English edition of the 4th Greek book by Yorgos Ntovas
On a rainy afternoon, he meets a strange, unknown girl.
She channels a kind of “bio-energy” on him and disappears.
Messages suddenly invade his mind, urging him to go to the Caribbean Islands Turks & Caicos.
He leaves everything behind and makes a fresh start.
A new identity, new adventures and a new purpose in his life!!!
A Caribbean Islands, adventure!

Eleni & Menelaos

The English Translation of the 3rd Book in Greek by Yorgos Ntovas
They met by chance in a café out of Antirio.
What were the possibilities to meet her again, in a wedding out of Preveza?
Infinitesimal, but it happened!
Unexpected encounters that led to a great love!!

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