“A Rainy Afternoon and Many Sunny Days” by Yorgos Ntovas

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“A Rainy Afternoon and Many Sunny Days” by Yorgos Ntovas

Excerpt from Chapter 6. Providenciales, Turks & Caicos!

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…The area where the mansions were located was, of course, secluded from the other Complex areas. Each of them had its own entrance and exit to the beach.

The mansion was 800 square meters wide in a 1,800 square meter lot. It had six bedrooms in two levels and its own swimming pool. She showed him around all areas. She informed him that he already had a landline and high-speed Internet as well as cable and satellite TV. She told him she would talk to the satellite provider to include Greek channels in the channel bundle. The mansion had a daily cleaning and laundry service. If he wanted to eat, he could use the Complex restaurants or the 24-hour room service. For all of that, there was a monthly fixed charge from the Complex.

Since they had said enough already, she suggested that he should get some rest. She also offered to meet him later for dinner and chitchat. Max (that was his name now) thanked her and accepted her offer.

It was afternoon already. He went out on the living room porch. It had an enchanting ocean view. He grabbed a soft drink from the fridge and sat on the porch to put his thoughts in order. Since his trip was gradual, the jet lag hadn’t affected him a lot. He would be fine tomorrow.

Things had taken an excellent turn. Enchanting environment, amazing, smiling and friendly people. Maggie was gorgeous, beyond expectation. Of course, he didn’t expect anything more than a professional relationship. He could sense a fondness but still, he didn’t let himself think of something more than that.

Other matters were bothering him now. Once he relaxed, the questions invaded his mind again and now they were more intense than before.

He immediately received a series of messages as if a safety valve had been activated and that was exactly what they were. Messages, not answers.

They initially informed him that he shouldn’t worry about his family. They had received the money and the unknown people who were dealing with the situation had taken care of everything. His wife was going to initiate their moving into a bigger house and improve their way of life in general to balance his absence.

Then, they advised him to get some rest and try to adapt for the next two to three days. Once he was ready, they would contact him and explain everything.

They also suggested that he should trust Maggie completely as she would help him greatly. He could ask her anything he wanted. The message ended like this: “Preparations have been made.” Whatever this meant…

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