Sci-Fi Short Film “Tree House Time Machine”

“Tree House Time Machine” by Alan Ritchson An eager 12-year-old boy and his friends secretly travel back in time in the hopes of unraveling the mystery surrounding his mother’s untimely death before the rightful owner of the machine realizes it’s gone missing. If a time machine powered by lightning isn’t dangerous enough, Charlie and his friends are playing a game of Russian Roulette whenever they decide to travel through time and space. With no way to control when or where they end up, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether they’ll be dancing to the real Elvis or running from a T-rex.
For one brave and earnest 12-year-old boy, Charlie, the risk is worth the reward. He wants nothing more than to go back to a time when his mother is alive again. His fiercely loyal best friends, Puck and Vincent, are always up for the adventure. But after what happened the last time they traveled, they swore a sacred oath to end time travel for good. When a particularly haunting storm rolls through town, Charlie’s desire tp travel gets the best of him. But his friends know him all too well. They bust him at Charlie’s tree house, their preferred place to travel from, before he can take off.
Unfortunately, for the “Three Musketeers,’ Pucks blabbermouth has brought some uninvited guests along for the ride. With the secret finally out, the group is forced to travel with the impulsive and audacious 13-year-old Maggie and her 18 year old meathead brother Bruiser.
When Charlie’s father, Jason is awoken by their dog Sunny, he realizes Charlie’s gone missing. As he and Sunny race to trace Charlie’s steps through the rain, he notices the tree house as it explodes with the mysterious electromagnetic energy of the activated time machine. But before he can reach the kids, he notices an ominous hooded figure watching the tree house from the dark forest nearby.
Tree House Time Machine is a proof of concept short intended for an episodic television format. Set in the 90’s, it captures the in-demand nostalgia of that era and is akin to Goonies meets Back to the Future. A dramedy with as much heart as laughs, Tree House Time Machine is sure to entertain kids of all ages.
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