Return of the Gods | Ancient Aliens Documentary with Erich Von Daniken

Throughout our ancient past human kind has documented various connections with advanced beings….. These stories can be found Engraved upon the walls of temples, and inscribed in religious works all over the world…. When asked from where they came..….The visitors pointed towards the stars. Wherever they came from, we believe It to be a world similar to our earth. With the right atmospheric conditions and gravitational forces needed to visit the earth… and survive upon it. Just as we explore space today looking for a planet with similar conditions to our own. it makes sense to assume that other intelligent life throughout the universe would behave in a similar way as Author and researcher Erich von Daniken explains. Yet.. If the gods are indeed galactic travellers from a far away planet. With human like curiosity and advanced exploration technology. To know there intentions we can again ask ourselves.. what would human kind do in the same situation. Written by Anthony Barrett – The5thkind. Narration David Carroll.
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