Akashic Records – The Unlimited Knowledge of the Universe

According to the late Edgar Cayce the Akashic records can be seen as the universe’s supercomputer a central storage facility of all information collectively the Akashic records are a field of energy that holds the past present and future knowledge of all things and it manifests everywhere at once within this all-encompassing field our individual energy fields for each being that are immensely vast in their own right the Akashic records are just like the modern Wi-Fi network we can’t see the Wi-Fi internet yet we know it’s everywhere around us it’s something invisible yet if you access it you can reach limitless information pretty much anywhere on the planet that has Internet access you can find these hidden secret patterns and codes that are floating around us it’s the same thing with the Akashic records you only need to tune your consciousness into the right frequency to be able to access this information.

Akashic records, made by quantum waves. (Zero point energy)

Electrons in our brains, can be activated and informed by quantum waves, affecting our thoughts and subconscious.

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