Claire – Erica – Cleo by Yorgos Ntovas

Claire – Erica – Cleo by Yorgos Ntovas

Excerpt from Chapter 1. Monday – Claire

It was a beautiful spring morning in Glyfada. Kostas had gone to the market in order to buy some printer paper.

As usual, he had succumbed to his thoughts. Things were not looking good for him lately. Being unemployed for the last six months had left him completely out of cash. He had delayed rentals for his apartment, not to mention his current bills. He also owed communal expenses for four months and was basically borrowing money from his mother. He had sent his curriculum vitae to a bunch of companies but due to the economic crisis and his advanced age -he was 48 years old already- his future looked grim. His only hope was that his great experience would compensate.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t going to give up that easily. Nothing was lost just yet. This morning, he was called to send his CV to another two companies which were located in Glyfada. It was then, when he realized that he was out of printer paper, so he drove his car to the market in order to find a bookstore. Luckily, he found a good spot to park his car and he headed to the bookstore on foot. The weather was nice. It was MidMay, typical spring like weather. It was sunny and pleasant with a soft southern breeze that carried the smell of the sea. He walked for a while and felt better immediately.

There was a big bookstore in the town center. He got his printer paper and returned to his car. It was still quite early, but he had to go home to prepare himself for his meetings. At that particular moment, he couldn’t have imagined that a few meters ahead, a completely random encounter would change his whole life.

He had almost reached his car when he suddenly heard someone calling his name. He turned and saw an old col-league from a technology Company he used to work for, four years ago. His memories from that period weren’t at all pleasant. He held a significant position and lots of future prospects in this company. However, some executives didn’t like him at all and were planning to get rid of him. When they had the chance, they set him up and dragged him in a situation he couldn’t escape from. The setup was very well planned and resulted in him being responsible for an affair he was completely unaware of. Some of his colleagues realized he had nothing to do with this and decided to help. Although they succeeded, he lost his job, nonetheless. The man who called his name was one of those who had helped him back then. They kept in touch for about a year, mostly by calling each other every now and then. Then, he changed his mobile number and they lost touch.

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