A Rainy Afternoon and Many Sunny Days by Yorgos Ntovas

A Rainy Afternoon and Many Sunny Days by Yorgos Ntovas
A Rainy Afternoon and Many Sunny Days by Yorgos Ntovas

Excerpt from Chapter 4. London!

The crucial day had dawned. He woke up at his usual time. He had barely slept. Got ready, woke up his daughter and drove her to school. It was the last time he was seeing her. Tried hard not to show. He had no idea when he would see her again and under which circumstances.

Went back home. His wife left for work too, shortly after. Despite their problems, he was feeling very moved. It was the last time he was seeing her as well.

The knot on his stomach was really strong. He went to his study and checked the contents of the hard discs of his computers as well as the web capacities. Everything was erased.

Logged then, in his social media and deleted all his pro-files.

Began writing the letter to his wife and daughter. He was very moved and couldn’t write. After some time and effort, he finally made it. Printed the letters and left them on the living room table.

Then, filled a suitcase with all the things he needed for his trip.

Destroyed his ID, his driver’s license, passports and some other documents that certified his identity. Just what the instructions he received had suggested.

Destroyed then, the SIM card of his cell phone. His cell was the only thing he would take with him. No mobile online. That was because he had his contacts there and some other data that would prove useful later on. It was included in the instructions even and he was following them to the letter.

It was noon and he had to go.

He made a final check. Everything was ok. Took the small suitcase, threw a last glance at the house where he had passed his last years and was quite moved. He was on the verge of bursting into tears. Had to try hard not to do so.

Left his keys on the living room table and went out of the house. He closed the apartment door behind him.

There was no turning back now.

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