Warmth of a Hot Book: Sizzling Winter Giveaway

Warmth of a Hot Book: Sizzling Winter Giveaway

Prolific Works Books Giveaway!

256 Free Books and Previews also!!


1st November, 2018 → 1st February, 2019

LaSasha Flame, the Queen of all things dark and twisty, has gotten together with some naughty authors to make your winter sizzle with this hot book giveaway! Who needs a fireplace when these fiery reads will keep you hot and bothered!

This collection houses 250+ of the hottest reads imaginable including LaSasha’s very own Power and Lust novella!

Warning: This is only for the naughtiest readers! Find out if you can handle the flames of desire!

Claim Now!!   “Claire, Erica and Cleo” and “A Rainy Afternoon and Many Sunny Days” by Yorgos Ntovas




And all Yorgos Ntovas Books!!!


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